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1 Abyss Treasure shovel is automatically replenished in how much time? 6 hrs
Are Murphy and Gorgana of the same race of people? Yes
As Patra found out, how were clergy members in her society chosen? Bargaining and assassination
At most how many other players' holy tree cores can you get? 5
At the start of War Guardian, how many heroes can you choose for battle? 3
At what Academy Kingdom level is high-level tech unlocked? Lv 80
At what Academy Kingdom level is mid-level tech unlocked? Lv 40
At which layer of Crystal Dungeon does Orange equipment get unlocked? 120
Blinding can effectively counter which of an enemy's attack methods? Basic attack
Building a Fortress will increase the Build Pts of which building? Citadel
Can a player be scouted after he/she puts up a Peace Shield? Yes
Can you get a Legendary Hero in Abyss Treasure? Yes
Can you get rewards in Alliance Duel? No
Can you reuse heroes after winning a battle on the same layer of Crystal Spire? No
Commander equipment made from shards can have up to how many gems inlaid? 8 gems
Do hero Awakened status and skins get carried into Hero Showdown? Yes
Do marching times get longer when in the Mystery Land? Yes
Do students get the day off for Halloween? Work hard in school! Don't always yearn for vacation!
Does fighting in Crystal Dungeon cost stamina? No
Does spending sub-Soul Crystals count towards crystal spending events? No
Does the Academy cooldown queue stop completely when the Academy is rebuilding? Yes
For which of the following will a player's account not get frozen? Attacking another player's castle
From which culture did the custom of Halloween originate? Celtic culture
Holy Altars are unlocked at Alliance Citadel Lv…? Lv 7
How can you get resource tech speed up cards? Buy resources
How can you repair a damaged City Wall more quickly? City Relocation
How long after a holy flame altar is destroyed can you re-place it on the map? 48 hours
How long does one union have to occupy the Throne to guarantee victory? 12 hrs
How long is the cooldown period after accepting a Divine Blessing? 72 hours
How long will an Alliance Carrier stop after taking off? 12 hours
How low must a player's City Wall points drop to have a chance to steal a tree core? 70 Percent
How many Captain Skills can be activated per lineup? 1
How many Low Ancient Souls do you need to evolve a soul component the first time? 4
How many action points do you start with in Magic Squares? 36
How many days must an Alliance Carrier wait in between take offs? 3 days
How many points can you get each time for passing the spawn point in Magic Squares? 80
How many rounds of battle are there in an Alliance War season? 5 rounds
How many rune cores must be enhanced to +6 to evolve an advanced core? 4
How many times can you reset challenge chances for Crystal Spire per day? 2
How many times can you switch alliances before incurring a 24 hour cooldown period? 8
How many total Bosses must you face to complete Subterra? 4
How many types of traps can be built in the Magic Defense Tower? 4 kinds
How many years has Halloween been around? Over 3,000 years
How much Dragon Priest exp can you get for one Expert Prayer? 10 pts
How often do Kingdom War Arenas product medals? 30 mins
How often do arenas spawn after Kingdom War starts? Every 12 hours
How should you treat players from other countries? Treat politely.
How was Vortex born? Malachi forged him.
If you already have a Magic Penetration Gem equipped, which of these can you not inlay? 2 Pen Gem
If you already have an AD/AP Gem equipped, which of these can you not inlay? AP Gem
In Ancient Ruins, what's the max number of Captain Skills you can unlock in each Chapter? 4
In Elite Crusade, how much initial energy will heroes start with? About 70%
In Elite Dungeon Death stages, how should you deploy your heroes? First Mage, then Physical
In Hero Brawl what's the max number of heroes you can go to battle with? 18
In Hero Brawl, weekly rewards are sent out according to what? Total Brawl Coins for the week
In Prayer, up to how many bonus attribute bars can you get? 4 bars
In Proving Grounds, you cannot get this: Diamonds
In which of the following will hero healing not be nerfed (weakened)? Campaign Stages
Is the cost of repairing a destroyed engraving be reduced? Yes
Members of Brunhilde's tribe get their strength or weakness from what? Frost Veins
Once an holy flame is built, can other alliances build this flame? No
Silencing can effectively counter which of an enemy's attack methods? Hero skill
Speaking of Helloween, there's a band by that name too. Which country are they from? Germany
The Dev Team would like to say: 5 years of MR! Let's keep it up
The Dev Team would like to say: 5 years of MR! Lots of fond memories…
The Dev Team would like to say: 5 years of MR! Love you guys
The Dev Team would like to say: 5 years of MR! Thank you all
The Dev Team would like to say: 5 years of MR! Thanks for being with us
The Dev Team would like to say: 5 years of MR! We're still working hard
Under what condition can you randomly relocate? When your City Wall is on fire
Under which of the following will an alliance Holy Flame not lose its effect? Moving it to another place
Up to how many people can team up in Subterra? 2
Upgrading which of the following can increase mercenary marching capacity? Legion Field
What Alliance Citadel level must you reach to unlock Fortresses? 4
What action will not decrease your City Wall troop's power? Monster Rally Attack
What are Halloween's main colors? Black & orange
What are you guaranteed to get for your first diamond wish? 2-Star Hero
What bonus will the player who activated the Alliance Carrier get? Marching Order
What can one do during the Marching stage of Alliance War? Lanes can be swapped around
What can you get for Alliance Construction? Alliance Honor and Build Pts
What can you get from Subterra treasure chests? Tons of rune fragments
What cannot be obtained through Sky City Blessing? Extra gold
What did Merlynn discover that led her to learn new magic? Nature Elves
What did Patra find in the Pharaoh's secret chamber? A forbidden spell
What effect does evolving Commander Equipment have? Everything is improved
What is negative effect is caused by having your Holy Tree core stolen? World Map battle power drops.
What is the evening before All Saints' Day called? Halloween/All Hallows' Eve
What is the most popular game to play on Halloween? Magic Rush: Heroes
What is the most stars a hero can receive? 7
What is the representative symbol of Halloween? Jack-o-lantern
What level does the priest need to reach to unlock Master Prayer? 14
What loss do you incur for occupying a Kingdom War Arena? Garrisoned troop will lose HP
What privilege do Alliance Elders not have? Appoint another player as elder
What rank does a player have to reach in Hero Brawl to get a special avatar border? Top 3
What resources are used to make transactions in the Turf Black Market? Academy resources
What reward can you get for taking part in Beast Soul Tourney? All of these.
What time (server time) are Sky City ranking calculations made? 22:00 Server Time
What time (server time) is Arena reward calculation made? 21:00 Server Time
What were the original Jack-o-Lanterns first carved on? Turnips
What will you get for defeating an Alliance Mine occupied by an enemy? All resources gathered by the enemy.
What's the max member limit for a Lv 1 Alliance? 40
What's the minimum quality level for a hero to use prayers? Purple
When 5 rune core elements align, how much of a boost can the corresponding attribute get? 100 Percent
When hero level goes up, which attribute will not grow? Energy max level
When is All Saints' Day? Nov. 1st
When reinforcing an ally, will marching speed be increased? Yes
When sweeping Ancient Ruins stages, what item cannot be gotten? Bread
When sweeping Crystal Spire, up to how many bonus drops can you choose? 5
Where did Bedivere grow up? St. Debiya
Where does Rengoku's mask come from? His dead best friend
Which Crystal Spire level do you need to get the 7th Commander Equipment? 20
Which day's ranking is shown in the Enhance Master Event? Yesterday
Which hero attributes are carried into Hero Showdown? Star Level
Which of the following Beast Souls is not suitable for Marksman heroes? Phoenix
Which of the following actions will not cancel your Peace Shield? Reinforcing allies
Which of the following actions will not deduct attack chances? Rally attack on large monsters.
Which of the following equipment positions cannot enhance Tank heroes? Boots
Which of the following hero soulstones cannot be exchanged for in the Arena Shop? Mira
Which of the following heroes is not a marksman? Baggins
Which of the following heroes is not a support? Paganini
Which of the following is not a privilege of the World Ruler? Setting an alliance union
Which of the following is not a title that the World Ruler can give out? Foreign Minister
Which of the following is not an Alliance Tech? Robust Physique
Which of the following mercenaries can reduce enemy merc armor & magic resistance? Plagueling
Which of the following profession of heroes can deal AoE dmg with basic attacks? Cannon
Which of the following profession of heroes can resurrect in TD Bonus stages? Tank
Which of the following treasures can not be dug up in Abyss Treasure? Stamina
Which of the following will give you Shadow Gold? Attacking Monster Forts
Which of the following will not give you Kingdom War Medals? Attacking a player's city
Which of the following will not trigger a gift from the alliance Tree of Life? Spending diamonds
Which religion re-purposed All Saints' Day/Halloween into its current form? Catholicism
Who did Aurai receive guidance from? Unicorn
Why did nobody adopt Ingrid? Because she was blind
Why does Gorgana want to go to war? Discrimination against snake people
Will my ally's reinforcements fight before my own defense troop? Yes

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